I'll have the best memories of my wedding for years to come thanks to the remarkable talent of Mike & Ryan. Never have I ever met such great hardworking photographers that made you feel like you were one of their friends and not just a job. - Alina Ringer

The wedding day, by nature, is completely filled with stressed but Mike and Ryan were such a breath of fresh air as far as providing relief. They are super funny and provided the most natural environment while taking pictures. - Marissa Vorhees

It was perfect having 2 people there and they captured every moment. I didn't use a videographer but will all the gorgeous pictures I got from Mike and Ryan I can replay the whole event through photos. - Michelle McPhetridge

Feeling comfortable with your photographer is crucial because it is reflected in your photos. This is definitely a skill that these photographers have which inevitably adds to the exceptional quality of their work. - Michaelene Kraemer